Can’t I Just Do It Myself? (Sellers)

So I heard an ad the other day on the radio from an attorney that is also a licensed real estate agent claiming that seller can save on average $18,500 selling their homes themselves.  As this may be true to a degree, there is a lot that is not telling sellers.

Yes, if you sell your house yourself you save paying a commission to an Agent.  However, on average, an Agent can typically get you a higher offer and sales price than you can selling it alone.   Also, short of paying a high price to a company to list your property in the MLS, For Sale By Owner properties don’t end up in the MLS which drastically reduces the number of buyers seeing you home.
Besides the reasons mentioned, a major difference between doing it all your self or with an Agent is liability.  As licensed agents, we have to take a lot of training on laws, contracts and regulations.  As a private seller, unless you have years of experience buying and selling real estate, you can be held liable for any misrepresentations, errors, contract issues and more.  This could result in civil or criminal issues (mostly civil).  Licensed agents carry insurance because of the risks associated, take some of the liability off yourself and put it on us.
Err on the side of caution, hire a licensed real estate agent.  You may get a higher selling price, make more money and have a layer of protection when selling your home.
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