The Cornerstone Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty is now The Cornerstone Real Estate Team at Fathom Realty! We are no longer with Keller Williams Realty.

Why did we make the change?  A large part of the decision was to make a move that was best for us to better assist our clients.  By moving our business to Fathom Realty, we are joining one of the fastest growing, highest rated, real estate companies in North America.  In fact, Inc. Magazine rated Fathom Realty as #128 in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies and the 2nd Fastest Growing Real Estate Company!.  Read more about it here: http://www.inc.com/profile/fathom-realty


How does this impact our clients?  The brick and mortar, box style, real estate company business plan has been very slow to change with the times.  Fathom Realty is a “virtual” real estate company.  This means that there is no large overhead and upscale offices, expensive marketing plans and is 100% agent driven.  For the client, this means that we are able to help with their real estate needs more freely and more cost-effective.  For every dollar we don’t spend on being with a large box style real estate firm is a dollar we can spend on better marketing our client’s real estate needs.  Saving them money at the same time.

Another exciting part of our move is that we can now assist clients with all the of the following capabilities and services:

  • Buy & Sell Residential Real Estate
  • Buy & Sell Commercial Real Estate
  • Help Clients Lease/Rent Residential AND Commercial Real Estate
  • Help Property Owners Lease Out Residential AND Commercial Real Estate
  • Assist Real Estate Investors With Fix & Flip AND Buy & Hold Real Estate
  • Unlimited Growth Of Our Real Estate Team & Office (New Agents, Staff & Personnel)
  • Expand Into Other Markets (Cities, States & Regions)
  • And More

We did not have this freedom and expanded capabilities with Keller Williams.  Please do not misunderstand us, we still love Keller Williams.  They are a fantastic real estate company, however we felt limited by them and knew that this change was necessary for our team.


Some other great reasons we made the change, besides the greater ability to help our clients, is that Fathom Realty is commitment to Veterans.  Justin, our team owner, is a Veteran himself and is the founder of Closings4Charity, a program that allows to clients and agents to give back to worthy causes that meet our objectives.  Fathom Realty is the preferred partner with Hometown Heroes.  Hometown Heroes is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping our Veterans, Police, Teachers, Medical Personnel and Clergy find and buy homes.

rew_about_us_page_-hth_logo_-horizontal_360Closings4Charity Logo2

We are very excited to partner our team with Fathom Realty and excited to see how this benefits our clients the most!

Call us at 303-22-3378 to learn more about this move and Fathom Realty.




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